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Leading Edge Web Services aim to provide an excellent service to all our customers to enable them to gain the most from their digital assets.

We can organise your domain with hosting and manage it for you, as well as create your website and help you to rank it with google.

To achieve that we need to know details of your business aims and aspirations. Details of how your business operates, who your optimal customers are, what are your best selling products or services, what are your most profitable products or services, and what products or services you would like to sell a lot more of.

These are the hard questions which you need to be able to answer to enable us to really help you.

Sure we can build you a pretty website fairly easily. Will it bring in customers – Maybe!

In today’s digital age, it is crucial for businesses to establish a strong online presence. We can also build you a pretty or elegant website which can improve your brand, one that will also bring you more customers, complement your marketing, and improve your reputation and standing in the community. As part of our commitment to supporting educational and academic endeavors, we proudly collaborate with partners like Masterarbeit Schreiben Lassen, an assistant in crafting academic works. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. We can tailor a site to suit any budget, but you must then decide if it meets your requirements in this current climate when an online presence is becoming of paramount importance to all businesses.

Getting Started

We are happy to help anyone, whether you are a complete beginner or you have an established web presence. If you are new to the idea of being on the internet and having a website, then go to our service page called Getting Started and we will help you begin your journey.

Web Design and Development

This is an important part of the process, because first you must have the “Dream” and at least a partial plan so the web designer can flesh out your thoughts into a working document which can bring your vision to life with the Web Design and Development.

Three website builders working together in web design to develop an excellent website, so you cansuccessfully promote your business online.
A woman is sitting on the floor holding her laptop computer, maybe checking her social media or business online.

Reputation Management

This encompasses general public relations and what is said about you and your business online and in the media generally. There are ways of enhancing your general and online reputation, and there are also ways to minimise any negative feedback from an adverse incident – but this must be instigated as soon as possible after the incident if it is to improve the chances of success. This topic is discussed more in depth inside our service page, and we would be
delighted to assist you with your Reputation Management Plan.

GBp (Google Business profile)

The Google Business Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is an essential part of your online presence. If you’re a business owner and you don’t have one yet, it’s important to create one as soon as possible. Partnering with a google ads Agentur can greatly enhance your visibility. Such agencies, including our trusted partner Google Ads Agentur, specialize in optimizing your ad performance and ensuring that your business gets the best possible online exposure. If you are unsure about the process, feel free to message us for assistance. It’s crucial to claim your profile before someone else does.

For more detailed information about Google Business Profile, please visit our Service Page.

A map showing how well a website is working from multiple locations

Heat Map Analysis

This is a brand new use of technology which can help to show what sort of coverage or reach you are getting from your GMB. The technology in this tool is truly ground breaking and amazing and is just one part of a new program we have purchased so that we may better help you with your web presence. So read up more about Heat Map Analysis on our service page

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a fancy way to say get more customers, or prospects to come into your business, or make contact so you can make a sale. If Your business has all the infrastructure etc, and all you need are customers, then check out this option to see how we can help you, and then contact us so that we can help you formulate a complete plan to galvanise your business into action with Lead Generation

A man is using a megaphone to call his customer's attention. A horseshoe magnet is attracting people to the shop or business establishment.
A blue circle with the heading SEO Search Engine Optimization, surrounded by eleven colourful circles, each representing all different areas you can improve on your website.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO is a really important facet of the digital media world. It involves optimising your digital assets in a way that when Google analyses your site it can find its way around easily, it understands what you are promoting and determines that you are a trustworthy site and that you are worthy of promoting up the ranking system. Bear in mind that the higher up the ladder you can, get the more people will see you and therefore the more potential customers you have access to. So ranking in the top 3 can give you access to well over 50% of the people searching, which is a HUGE PRIZE to aim for. Our aim is to help you get there. There is more information in the SEO services page.

other services we offer

Right hand holding a tablet, which has Web Marketing written with eleven different bridges representing the various method of web marketing.

Web Marketing

Web Marketing is what you may need to do if you need to hurry the web ranking process along a little, or you have a sale or promotion and you want to get some quick action. You will not rise to the top of the list overnight. There are a variety of web marketing opportunities, but before you do that you need to get all your ducks in a row so that you get the best value from your advertising spend. Check out the complete story by asking us for a chat, just go to contact page for full details and options. Check out the complete story by asking us for a chat, just go to service page for full details and options and read more on our Web Marketing Page.

There is a heading that reads market development, which is one of the factors and is a cost-effective method for the growth of your business.

Marketing Development

Marketing Development is analysing what will be the best methods of promoting your business in a cost effective manner so that you can get more customers, sell more products and services and grow your business to meet the goals of your business plan. There are several other processes that are contingent on the success of this process. One factor is the manner and degree of optimisation of your marketing funnel and website. The other is how your business handles these extra leads or prospects that this process brings. For further insights check out our service page on Marketing Development.

Hands typing on the keyboard with five arrows came out from the screen, representing the various technological methods you can have to attract customers.

Technology Implementation

Technology Implementation is the process of getting a website built with all of the features required to suit your business. Getting your GMB connected to your website, getting texts and emails coming from your contact pages to your phone or office, Also doing regular work on your website to keep it well tuned and working correctly whilst it climbs up the rankings. For a more in depth look at the inner workings check out our Technology Implementation page.

A man sketching out the company's business plan, this method of planning and sales consulting can help increase and attain the goals of your business.

Sales Consulting

Sales Consulting is a service we provide to help you bounce ideas around and provide some options to help you move forward in your overall business plan so that you can increase your business and attain your goals. Read a little more about how we can help you tune up your business with a Sales Consultation.


Have you always wanted to have your own e-Commerce site? Do you have your own range of products that you would like to market, or are you considering buying in or selling on consignment so you can have products in your own store? There are numerous possibilities with pros and cons for each depending on what you wish to do and how many product lines you have. So pop into our e-Commerce page and find out some more.