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There is a heading that reads SEO, with eight bridges representing the most effective digital marketing techniques to increase traffic and create a strong online presence for your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is not a mystical art as some would have you believe, it is merely analysing what you have, determining what you need, and working to achieve that goal.
So it means we have to present your digital assets in the manner and format that Mr Google wants to see them and make sure that everything is clean and working well with no “broken bits.” We then ensure there is a roadmap for your site so that when you are indexed everything is found, the information is credible, verifiable and most importantly that google trusts you and your site.
A computer with the heading SEO, search engine optimization is like having a roadmap for your website, meaning that you can attract new visitors and rank well in search engines if you choose relevant keywords on your website.
There is a heading that reads SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A woman's right hand is holding a pen as she checks whether or not she has created an effective website using the necessary procedures. To ensure their GMB is ranked at the top of the Google map pack, she evaluates the various aspects that can contribute to an efficient SEO strategy, including content, analysis, web design, traffic, and ranking.
When the above criteria are met you will slowly go up the organic ladder ranking. If we also work on your GMB and you are placed in the top 3 in the map pack the prize becomes more valuable. Talk to us about how to get an even better result.

If you are not in the top 3 category in either the map pack or the organic listing, then we have work to do. Many of the points relevant to SEO have already been covered in the various other sections but there are even more which we can discuss when you get in touch with the team at Leading Edge Web Services via the contact page.