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Technology Implementation

With all the technology available today, almost anyone can put up a website. If that is all you do it will not be much more than a digital business card – only seen when you give it to someone or point them at it.
To make it work for you properly it will need some considerable thought and effort. It must have keywords related to your industry that are high search factor, so google can point the potential customer to you if someone types in those words and you are in their search zone. There must be a GMB, owned, linked and appropriately set up so that it is related directly to your website.
Also to get even better results you will have an email from your domain, a blog or at least a regular article section. Positive reviews about your business, possibly a youtube video or more about your business and other social media interactions if you choose. If you have an e-commerce site then that must also be linked in for best utilization, and it should have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system set up and linked so that you capture your customers details and then you can email them with future information, special deals or sales etc.
All this is going to require ongoing maintenance or work so that it all keeps going as it should. Putting regular new information or reviews and articles also gets “brownie points” from google because it loves activity and fresh information. This in turn means that you will slowly rise up the ranking. Higher ranking means more customers and so it makes the effort all worthwhile. If you would like to chat on this further please go to the contact page and we will be in contact with you.