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A notepad titled To Do contains a list of tasks that can help an e-commerce store owner stay organized and productive. Next to that notepad is an open laptop computer showing a sale 50% off on its screen.

Getting started on your online mobile friendly e-Commerce Store

Getting started on your online mobile friendly e-Commerce Store requires some thought:

  • What are you wanting to sell?
  • What design or theme you would like?
  • How many products do you have?
  • How are you going to receive payment
  • Are you going to have “SALES”?
  • Are you going to have some promotional prices?
  • Will you have a social media based “sales Funnel”?
  • You will need a sales cart.
  • Will you have a freight and delivery system installed?
Many shoppers are buying from an e-commerce store and mobile compatibility is one feature that makes this possible. Make sure that people who buy through their phones or tablets can easily access your online store - search for desired products and make speedy purchases.
Website builders create an online e-commerce store for a business owner. If you own a business and are thinking about selling your products or services over the Internet, hire someone who has experience creating e-commerce stores.

Amazon is an online e-Commerce store. A few others you may have heard of are Woo Commerce and Shopify, plus many more. We need to work out what your aspirations are to decide what system is best for your situation. Once we have worked our way through this it is time to get things happening. If you are interested in an e-Commerce site then go to our contact page and have a chat to see how we can make your dream come to life.