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Reputation Management

As mentioned on the home page your Brand and your Business Name is really important to your business success and it needs to be protected at all costs. As your business gets bigger so does your digital footprint through all of the social media platforms and business directories etc. This bigger and better presence is great because more people will be able to find out about you and find you easily, which should mean more business and closed sales. That’s the good news.
A business owner maintains a positive reputation for his company to gain the trust of prospective customers. Make sure you're on top of your online reputation by regularly checking what people say about you on social media sites since it can help attract new customers.
The bad news is that if someone gets upset with your business for whatever reason it is easier for them to leave a bad review. Whether they are right or wrong, once it is up online it is an issue because it can be seen and transmitted multiple times on line in all directions very fast. So while an ever expanding footprint is great for increasing your business it can become a liability when things go wrong. So it is important that you or one of your staff or family are always on the lookout on the web to ensure nothing has occurred that may damage your reputation.
Good reviews are an essential part of your marketing story. They help you build brand awareness and reach a wide audience - across multiple social media platforms, search engines, review sites and your own website.
You should have a damage mitigation plan in place describing what you would do in the event you get a slanderous attack or something similar. There are a few ways to help limit the fallout, but you need to take action immediately so you can get on the front foot because you need to limit the spread of cancerous remarks and the longer it takes to act the harder it is to fix.
If malicious users are trying to exploit the holes in your application’s security, make sure that you do everything possible to prevent them from compromising the safety and reliability of your website.
That’s where we come in. With an ongoing “Reputation Management Plan” in action we can quickly help you generate positive reviews and information to repair and rehabilitate your business image and strengthen your Business Branding. This helps to drown the bad comment or review with good positive information. After all because you currently have a successful business you have a lot of happy customers who would be only too happy to help you out by sending in a positive review.
In reputation management strategy, monitor what your customers say about your brand, respond appropriately to positive and negative comments and take active measures to develop a positive identity.
Another thing you could do as a pre-emptive strategy would be to have a refresher course on good staff training and attitudes towards customers. Part of this would be to instill into staff the importance of excellent customer service to ensure that the customer experience is exemplary every time. This action immediately reduces the possibility of a bad review, and should be the first plank in your Reputation Management strategy. Touch base with us via the contact page if we can be of service.
A positive customer experience is crucial to the success of your business. It reduces the chances of receiving bad reviews online, which can damage your reputation and affect revenue.